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Watercolor Textured Backdrop 002

Watercolor Sample Background Texture

This is our second watercolor sample prepared specifically for our tutorials. The texture in this sample presents the brush strokes at a 45° diagonal. The Permanent Green Light watercolor is sufficiently generous enough that the paper...

Watercolor Textured Backdrop 001

Hand Painted Watercolor Backdrop

This image is a scan of a watercolor swatch made by Stipplr for use in various tutorials on this site.  The watercolor was made with a Masterstroke Interlocking Bristle Filbert brush (great brush btw) using Daniel Smith Permanent Green...


Stipplr Panel

After your 14 day trial expires you will need to create an account for continued access (metered). To learn more about the Stipplr panel simply click on the HaptUX Inc. link at the base of the...


Relaunch Photoshop CC

Relaunch Photoshop CC 2015 (or greater) and go to the Window > Extensions menu and select Stipplr from the flyout menu.

ZXPInstaller Stipplr Install Complete

Stipplr Installation Complete

Installation is done in less than 5 seconds. When complete ZXPInstaller will inform you of its success. Restart Photoshop ZXPInstaller Support If you encounter problems, please visit the ZXPInstaller forums for help.

Drag Stipplr Package to ZXPInstaller

Launch ZXPInstaller To Install Stipplr Package

Double-click ZXPInstaller to launch the installer, you will see the ZXPInstaller window appear on your screen (shown here). Drag the Stipplr.[version].zxp file onto the ZXPInstaller window Drop the package That’s it, you’re done…


Download Stipplr Package For Photoshop CC

To install the Stipplr add-on for Photoshop CC 2015 (or greater) you need to download the following package: Stipplr for Photoshop CC 2015 or greater We can now install the Stipplr Add-on to Photoshop CC...

Stipplr ZXPinstaller Alternative

ZXPInstaller: An Open Source Adobe Extension Installer

ZXPInstaller is a free open source alternative to Adobe Extension Manager: Download ZXPInstaller Go to your downloads folder Double-click the ZXPInstaller.dmg (Mac) or ZXPInstaller.exe (Win) to install ZXPInstaller After installing ZXPInstaller we need to download...

Adobe Extension Manager Deprecated

Manually Install The Stipplr Add-on

Adobe Extension Manager has been deprecated. Attempting to use Extension Manager to install plugins for Photoshop CC 2015 or greater will not work. To install Stipplr manually we need an open source alternative… This Is Temporary…...