BENDAY001 is a very similar vector pattern effect to SCREENTONE with a notable exception, the very dark regions are not treated as solid areas but rather.  However, unlike the Stipplr screentone Action this BENDAY Action makes the dots smaller as they encounter lighter and lighter regions — in solid white areas no dots will appear.  This effect is in stark contrast to the application of benday patterns seen by artist Roy Lichtenstein where the dots remain consistently the same width throughout his work, there are however instances where the lack of benday dots was used to portay a light source. BENDAY001 renders a 0° benday pattern while Roy Lichtenstein tended to make use of 45° or 60° patterns — please see BENDAY007 through BENDAY012 for rendering 45° patterns. All results are stored as vector fill shapes within a newly created Smart Object placed above the source layer which remains unchanged after running the Stipplr Action. Designers can choose to edit the vector paths within Photoshop or to export the paths to Illustrator for futher modifications.  For additional resources or information on how to get started with Stipplr Actions please browse through our tutorial section found on this site.

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Format: Adobe Shape CC and CS Smart Objects
Type: PSD, Stipplr, Actions
Description: Vector & Raster Trace Action pre-sets
Attribution: Photos
Output: Vector or Raster Adobe Smart Object
Filesize: 3.33 kB


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