Category: RGB

Stipplr Photoshop RGB Blue Channel Stencil Man Riding His Bike


STENCIL007 generates 2 vector shape stencil shapes from the BLUE channel of the currently selected image layer in Photoshop and places each within its own Smart Object layer.  The first stencil is a solid...

Stipplr Photoshop RGB Green Channel Stencil Man Riding His Bike


STENCIL006 comprise 2 vector shape stencils within a single Stipplr Action.  When executed, this Action targets the GREEN channel to pull the stencil shapes from the currently selected photo ayer in Photoshop — this...

Stipplr Photoshop RGB Red Channel Stencil Man Riding His Bike


STENCIL005 creates 2 vector shape stencils from the RED channel for the currently highlighted photo layer in Photoshop. The stencils, a solid vector shape and a vector haftone pattern, are each saved to their...