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Stipple Stock Photo Hiker Stops To Enjoy View From Mountain Trail

Hiker Stops On Mountain Trail To Enjoy View

Colour photo of hiker standing still atop a mountain trail among peat moss and rocks.  The boots are laced up to the top and the hiker’s pants are rolled up rather than tucked into the...

Stipplr Stock Photo High Level Bridge Edmonton Alberta Canada

High Level Bridge Edmonton Alberta Canada

Black and White photo of the High Level Bridge in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. The High Level Bridge connects the cities of Strathcona and Edmonton whch is seperated by the North Saskatchewan River. The bridge is made almost...

Stipplr Stock Photo Series of Lamps Mounted To The Side Of Concrete Wall

Outdoor Lights Mounted To Side Of Concrete Wall

Colour photo of 3 outdoor lamps made from plumber’s piping are mounted to the side of a concrete wall with clamps.  The lamps shades are painted a victorian green outer shell and solid white...