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Stopplr Stock Photo Man With The Crow Cosplay Makeup With Long Hair Gritting Teeth

Man With The Crow Movie Cosplay Makeup

Black and White photo of a man using makeup to cosplay character from the movie The Crow. He has long black hair with dark makeup around the eyes and the crow’s telltale vertical lines...

Stipplr Stock Photo Woman In Laundromat Holding Large Basket Looking Outside

Woman At Laundromat Carrying Large Basket

Black and white photo with a slight green tinge of a laundromat with a woman carrying a basket and walking while staring out the front window.  Washers and dryers line the opposing walls while...

Stipplr Stock Photo Man Wears Morpheus Style Glasses with Fedora Hat

Man With Fedora Hat and Glasses in Dark Room

A black and white photo of a man wearing a fedora with sunglasses that resemble those that Morpheus wore during the movie The Matrix.  This person appears to have a ponytail which is hard to...