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Stipplr Stock Photo Woman Sifting Through Stack of film slides featuring Yogi Bear

Married Woman Reviewing Film Slides Of Yogi Bear

Picture of  a married woman sifting through a stack of film slides featuring Yogi Bear.  Long fingernails, pale skin with a scar on her right hand she is holding up 2 slides simultaneously.  The...

Stipplr Stock Photo Hotel Sign Against Clear Blue Sky

Neon Hotel Sign Made of Metal Against Blue Sky

Hotel sign held in the air by way of metallic structure supposedly atop the hotel building.  A clear blue sky serves as the backdrop to the sign which is bracketed in place by a metallic white...

Stipplr Stock Photo Man with eazel sitting by the lake surrounded with trees and light snow

Early Spring at Lake Surrounded by Trees

A black and white photo of a man sitting along the shore of a large lake with an eazel, he appears to be creating a painting.  The lake is surrounded by trees, 3 of...