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Stipplr extension installation for CS4


Stipplr Plugin for CS4

After your 14 day trial expires you will need to create an account for continued access (metered). To learn more about the Stipplr panel simply click on the HaptUX Inc. link at the base of the...


Launch Photoshop CS4

Start Photoshop CS4 and go to the Window > Extensions menu and select Stipplr from the flyout menu.


Installation Complete for CS4

Stipplr is now installed. Adobe Extension Manager CS4 will display the details about the Stipplr plugin, the ability to disable or remove it, as well as the application in which it was installed. Quit Adobe Extension...


Locate Stipplr mxp for CS4

When the File modal appears, navigate to your downloads folder (Mac or Windows) and select the Stipplr.[version].mxp package and Click “Open”.

Adobe Extensions Manager CS4

Start Adobe Extensions Manager for CS4

Launch Adobe Extension Manager CS4 from your Windows Start Menu or from your Mac Application folder. In most cases, this application came bundled with your Photoshop installer, however, if you don’t find it, you can download it...

stipplr mxp package

Stipplr Extension Installation for CS4

Thank you for choosing PSDcovers !  You have just downloaded the Stipplr.[version].mxp package installer. The following guide line will help you to successfully install our extension in your Photoshop CS4 application.