Category: Photoshop CC Extension Install Procedure

Stipplr add-on installation for Photoshop CC


Stipplr Plugin

After your 14 day trial expires you will need to create an account for continued access (metered). To learn more about the Stipplr panel simply click on the HaptUX Inc. link at the base of the...


Relaunch Photoshop CC

Relaunch Photoshop CC and go to the Window > Extensions menu and select Stipplr from the flyout menu.


Confirm Stipplr Installation

Although we have Acquired the Stipplr extension it does not mean it is installed… To confirm the Stipplr extension is installed, return to the Creative Cloud desktop app. Click the Home tab Scroll down to Activity Stream Find confirmation of installation If you do not...


Open Adobe Add-ons Website

To install the Stipplr add-on for Photoshop CC you must go to the Adobe Add-ons website and click the blue button labeled FREE to install. Install for CC  NOTE: The link above opens our Adobe Add-ons...


Open Creative Cloud Desktop App Preferences

If the Creative Cloud desktop app is not already running you will need to open it and log in to continue. Once logged in, select Preferences… from the Options menu within Creative Cloud.