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Turn A Color Photo Into Graphic Novel Line Art

How To Turn Color Photos Into Graphic Novel Line Art

Have you ever wanted to convert a color photo of yourself, or a scene, into a graphic novel effect?  Converting photos into graphic novel effects in Photoshop is not new, the hard part is choosing an art style and trying to...

Stipplr Photoshop vector trace engraved US 100 Dollar Bill Note

Photoshop Tracing And Vectorizing Printed Line Artwork

In this post we’re going to be vectorizing the American 100 dollar bill into a multi-layered composition of vector shapes while still maintaining the core engraving linework found in the Federal Note.  To achieve this effect, we’ll...

Stipplr How To Convert a Sketch to Vector Shape Without Illustrator

Sketches To Vector Image Tracing Without Illustrator

This post focuses on importing your scanned artwork and then converting those sketches to vector images while remaining within Photoshop.  Once imported, we’ll clean up the sketch to remove the penciller’s marks, and then run an image trace Action...