Color Depth Error

A Color Depth error means the current Photoshop document is not in 8-bit RGB color mode.  Continue reading this post to learn more about this error and how to avoid it in the future.


The Stipplr Actions can only be used when the document is in 8-bit RGB color mode.

What is a Photoshop Color Mode?

Photoshop offers a number of different color modes for your document.  These different color modes allow professionals to work with their documents in a color space that best suits their needs.  For example, someone working for a large fashion design magazine will typically create their compositions in a document whose color mode is set to CMYK.  The CMYK format, or 4 color separation, is best suited for work that will end up being printed in a physical magazine.  You can read more about color working spaces directly on Adobe’s site.

Why am I seeing this error?

The Stipplr panel has detected that your current document is not in 8-Bit RGB color mode and has halted the script and sent you here for details.

Why doesn’t the Stipplr panel work in all color modes?

Stipplr is a Photoshop add-on, and Photoshop itself cannot apply most Filters to CMYK, Indexed, Grayscale or Bitmaped images. Photoshop filters are most commonly used on RGB images, and many can only be used in 8-bit mode.  Photoshop filters cannot be used at all on Bitmap or Indexed colored images, and therefore Stipplr is also unable to apply Filters to documents whose color modes are not RGB.


Document must be set as RGB color mode.

How do I change the document Color Mode?

Switching the document color mode is easy…

  1. Go to the Photoshop Menus
  2. Click the Image Menu and navigate to the Mode sub-menu
  3. Select RGB Color
  4. Ensure 8 Bits/Channel is selected

Select RGB Mode from the Image menu in Photoshop

Once your document color mode is set to 8-Bit RGB you may return to Stipplr and continue your shape tracing process.


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