How To Use the Stipplr Panel

Welcome, and thanks for installing the Stipplr panel!  If you haven’t installed the plugin yet you can find a detailed getting started guide here which will walk you through the entire process of installation and signing up to our service to access your free trial period.

In this tutorial we will describe the 4 main areas of the panel, the profile page, actions list page, actions details page and bookmarks page.



The Stipplr panel is simply a collection of crafty Photoshop Action presets which you can apply to any photo layer in Photoshop.  These presets allow you to create vector shape or raster effect results which are then stored in a newly created SmartObject layer.

The basic steps to creating a shape layer from a photo are as follows:

  1. Ensure that the photo layer is selected
  2. Run the Desired Stipplr preset Action

How to use the Stipplr panel Step 1

Within a few moments the shape layer is generated (time required is relative to the complexity of your photo):

  1. The newly created shape or raster layer appears above the original source photo

How to use the Stipplr panel Step 2

Stipplr Limitations
  1. Only 1 photo can be processed at a time
  2. Selected photo must be visible to be processed
  3. Groups are not considered valid selections, please work with the individual photo layers within the group
  4. Photo dimensions cannot exceed 6 megapixel resolution (3000 x 2000 is 6MP, 5000 x 1000 is 6MP, 2500 x 2400 is 6MP etc…).


The following tutorial walks you through the various features of the Stipplr panel including your accountgraphic style search and bookmarking favorites.

When the free trial ends the Stipplr panel enters into a metered mode. A message announcing that the panel is operating in metered mode will appear whenever the panel is opened.

Metered mode allows you to continue using the Actions for free under the following conditions:

  1. You must be logged in
  2. Any Stipplr Action can be run 5 times per day

stipplr panel trial period enters metered mode

Whenever you log into the panel it will always place you on your account page, from here you can see the current status of your subscription.

  1. The Profile area allows you to change your name or email address
  2. Your current subscription model (after TRIAL will default to FREE with metered access)
  3. Change your password

stipplr panel first time logged in

The Update Profile button remains disabled when it detects that no changes have been made to your name or email address.

  1. To change your name, type the desired name into the Name field
  2. When the Update Profile button becomes active, click it to apply the changes

stipplr panel updating your user name

Congratulations!  You just updated your user name.

Updating your email address is a similar process to updating a name, simply replace the email displayed with the desired address.

  1. Change the email address to the desired email
  2. When the Update Profile button becomes active, click it to apply the changes

stipplr panel updating your email address

A note about updating your email…

Stipplr does not currently send out emails when changes to your email address is made, update with care.

Updating your password will require entering the old one first.

  1. Enter your old password
  2. Enter your new password, twice to be certain
  3. Click Update Password to apply the change

stipplr panel updating your password

When a password is updated successfully, a modal appears informing you the changes have been applied.

Click Close to continue

notification of password change

When your password is changed, an email confirmation will be sent to you informing you of the change.

password change confirmation email

To view the Actions we need to switch to the Action List page which can be done by clicking on the Action List icon at the top of the panel.

  1. Click on the Action List icon at the top of the panel
  2. The Actions List

stipplr panel view action list page

When the Stipplr panel is installed it does not contain any Actions — Actions are downloaded to your computer as you navigate through the panel viewing each Action list page.

  1. Navigating through the paginated Action List will cache the Action preview thumbnails as will scrolling down the Action List.

stipplr panel caching image previews

The caching is fast and mostly imperceptible, however you may catch glimpses of the caching process as revealed by the loader icon which appears while the thumbnail is being retrieved.

The panel feels sluggish

For those with slower internet connections the panel may feel sluggish initially, this is only temporary. The performance will return once everything is cached locally at which point the panel will only use the locally stored resources.

The Panel has a few options for finding the types of shapes you want to capture from your photos…

  • By search term
  • By category
  • Finding Actions

The Panel allows you to find your content through the use of regular words, keywords and tags which are associated with the vector shapes and raster effects.  For instance, to search for paint cans simply requires entering the word can into the search field.

  1. Enter the effect style, keyword or tag.
  2. Results appear as you type.
  3. Pagination is updated to reflect results.

stipplr panel searching by effect name

Actions can also be filtered by category to narrow down search results quickly.

  1. Select the category menu and select the desired category
  2. Action list is instantly filtered to that category
  3. Pagination is updated to reflect results, in this case there is not enough content to warrant pagination for this category

stipplr panel find content by category name

The category can be further refined by using the search field which will filter the category results even further.

  1. Select the category
  2. Enter the search term to filter down the category results

stipplr panel filter category results using the search field

Once you find an Action you would like to run simply select it from the Action list to view the Action Details Page.

  1. Hover over the desired Action and click to view the Details Page

stipplr panel hover over action in list

The Action Details page is a condensed version of the same page on our website, using the panel means you never have to visit our site for previews, details or downloads.

  1. Preview of the effect style this Stipplr Action preset will render
  2. Rendering menu button
  3. Action preset description
  4. Add to bookmarks and other details

stipplr panel view action details page

About viewing the Action Details page

Simply viewing the Action Details page for any given Action preset is not enough to cache the Action locally to your disk (important for offline mode when no internet connection is available).  Members must run the Action first which will initiate the caching process for this Action preset!

More about how caching works can be found below under the Offline Mode section.

Whether you are new to Stipplr Action presets or are a long-time user of our Actions, running the Stipplr preset is required to generate the Smart Object with your result above the selected source photo.

  1. Click on Stipplr Preset name to render

stipplr panel run preset action

An important note about caching Actions locally

If you have never run an Action, then it will not be cached locally even if you view the Action Details page.  Designers must click the Stipplr preset button to initiate the caching process — the panel must cache the Action locally in order to run it, but if the Stipplr preset is never clicked then the panel has no reason to cache it.

If any changes are made to the Action by us in the future, the panel will detect the change and copy the latest update locally to your machine the next time an attempt is made to run the Action.

The Stipplr panel supports bookmarking.  By cultivating a favorites list you can bypass the Action List and go directly to your own personal list of most often used Actions.

  1. While on the Details Page, click on the Add to bookmarks link

stipplr panel add to favorites

To view your bookmarked favorites, simply toggle to the Favorites Page.

  1. Click the Favorites tab
  2. List of bookmarked favorites

stipplr panel bookmarked favourites list

Searching within your favorites

Note that using the category menu or search field while inside your Favorites list will limit results to Action presets within your bookmarks only.

The Stipplr panel has an offline mode which is helpful when no internet connection is available.  However, only Actions which have been cached locally to your computer will continue to be available to you while offline.  For example, in the image below we can see that all the thumbnails were cached when we browsed through the Action lists, but if the Action Detail page itself is not viewed then the action for that Stipplr preset is not cached locally.

  1. Cloud with warning icon appears to indicate the action for this Stipplr preset was not cached and is therefore unavailable
  2. Actions which are cached will continue to display the chevron at the far right of the item row.

psdcovers panel offline mode

At anytime you may access information about your current panel version or link to the panel installation tutorial.

  1. Click the HaptUX Inc. corporate link at the bottom of the panel.

stipplr general help and info

Clicking on the HaptUX Inc. corporate text at the center-bottom of the panel will cause the About modal to slide down from the top with helpful information.

  1. Click Close to close the modal.
  2. Panel release version with links to product information.
  3. Support flyout menu.

stipplr panel about modal

At any point while using the panel you can access the Support flyout menu at the top-right corner of the panel.

stipplr panel support flyout menu

Using the Support slyout menu members can ask for support, report bugs, ask general questions, log out of the panel, clear the cache (forces the panel to re-download the actions) and enable logging.  The last one is for us if — if you submit a bug that baffles us we will contact you and ask you to turn on logging and send us the report it generates after you recreate the event that causes the bug.

Thank you for trying our Photoshop panel!

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