Nothing To Trace

Nothing To Trace error means the current Photoshop document does not contain enough shape or contrast detail.  Please use a darker image with more detail.  Continue reading this post to learn more about this error and how to avoid it in the future.



Stipplr was unable to detect a suitable amount of shape or contrast from your selected Photoshop image layer.

Why am I seeing this error?

The most common conditions which trigger this error are the following:

  • The selected layer is completely empty, entirely transparent, or both

Stipplr selected layer is completely empty or entirely transparent

  • The selected layer is hidden

Stipplr selected layer is hidden

  • The opacity or fill of the current layer is too light

Stipplr selected layer opacity or fill of current layer is too light

  • The selected layer is completely white

Stipplr selected layer is completely white

  • The selected layer is very dark and therefore indistinguishable from solid black

Stipplr selected layer is very dark or completely black

If you are reading this page after following the error link from the panel then it is highly likely the highlighted layer in your Photoshop document matches a condition described above.  It is also possible that your selected image layer fits some definition that falls somewhere in-between what is described above.  For example, many colours such as yellow, pink or lime green (to name a few) are indistinguishable from white for many of Photoshop’s filters.  Where you see an image with detail, the applied filters would see nothing at all.

Attempting to run Stipplr Actions on a text field layer or image layers with effects applied or on shape layers can also sometimes lead to errors that will bring you to this page.

However, there are exceptions to this rule…

Similar to the “I before E, except after C” rule in the English language, many Stipplr Actions can, and do, process semi-opaque, solid white or solid black layers.  Each Stipplr effect is nothing more than a very specific set of Photoshop filters being applied in a specific sequence. Some Photoshop filters do not work under the conditions listed above and as such will fail.



Prior to running any Stipplr Action it is recommended that the…:

  • Layer is Visible
  • Opacity is set to 100%
  • Fill is set to 100%

Stipplr selected visible layer with full opacity and fill

It is recommended that Stipplr Actions be applied to photo image layers where the entire layer is covered by the photo.


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