QUILL005 is a fine lined pattern with quill-like aesthetics which leans to the left.  This Action is the same as QUILL001 except for the direction of the pattern, this makes the two patterns ideal for composition over one another in the same document.  For addition resources on how to create unique and common fors of graphic art with the Stipplr Actions please review our tutorials section on this site.  Results are always saved back to your Photoshop document as a vector shape layer wrapped in a Smart Object, the path data remains fully editable with the pen tool within Photoshop or the paths can be exported to Illustratorfor additional editing (although Illustrator already has auto trace tools with finer controls you may want to use).

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Format: Adobe Shape CC and CS Smart Objects
Type: PSD, Stipplr, Actions
Description: Vector & Raster Trace Action pre-sets
Attribution: Photos
Output: Vector or Raster Adobe Smart Object
Filesize: 12.04 kB


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