Resolution Error

A Resolution Error means the current Photoshop document exceeds the recommended dimensions (ie, larger than 6 megapixels).  Continue reading this post to learn more about this error and how to avoid it in the future.



The dimensions of the canvas cannot exceed 6 megapixels, please scale down your document and try again.

What is a MegaPixel?

A megapixel is a term used to define an image or photo which has 1 million pixels.  The term megapixel is most commonly used by digital camera manufacturers to describe the capability of the image sensor in their camera.

Why am I seeing this error?

Your current document exceeds 6 megapixels. Unfortunately, Stipplr is presently limited to processing an image or photo which does not exceed 6 megapixels (6 million pixels).

How can I calculate the megapixel of my Photoshop document?

The simplest method of determining the megapixels of your current Photoshop document is to multiply the document width (in pixels) with the document height (also in pixels).

To quickly discover the pixel dimension of the current document simply do the following:

  1. Place your cursor over the Doc Status area (see image below)
  2. Press and hold down the mouse button
  3. A document info message pops up

How To Calculate Megapixels Of Current Photoshop Document

In the image above we can see that this example document is 5616 pixels wide by 3744 pixels high (these are typical dimensions for a standard DSLR camera photo).

To get the document megapixels we simply multiply 5610 by 3744.  The result is the document’s megapixel size, which in this case is a staggering 21003840 pixels (21 million). This example document is a 21 megapixel document and far too large to be processed by Stipplr.

Why is there a 6 megapixel limit?

Stipplr is a Photoshop add-on, and Photoshop itself is optimized for raster content.  While most of Stipplr’s Actions run fine on very large documents, some Actions can create a significant amount of vector shapes (eg. halftone, benday, screentone). Photoshop can become completely unresponsive or even crash when too many vector shape paths are generated.  Testing has revealed 6 megapixels to be the ideal amount of pixels Stipplr can process without incident across the entire Stipplr library of Actions.


To avoid this issue in the future, scale your document down.  We recommend dimensions which exactly match or fall under 6 megapixels — for example, all of the photos used in our tutorials measure 2122 x 1600 as a standard.

Here are some examples of dimensions which are exactly 6 megapixels:

  1. 3000 x 2000 = 6000000
  2. 2500 x 2400 = 6000000
  3. 5000 x 1200 = 6000000
  4. 10000 x 600 = 6000000

The examples above are all landscape format, but portrait mode works fine also (ie, 2000 x 3000).

How do I scale my Photoshop document?

To scale your Photoshop document go to the Image menu and select Image Size…

Select Image Size from the Photoshop Image menu

When the Image Size modal appears simply enter the new dimension and Photoshop will then scale the document to the new size.

Photoshop CS6 Image Size Modal

Once your document is scaled down you may return to Stipplr and continue your shape tracing process.



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