SCANLINE013 is a left-leaning pattern of fine lines with very rough edges throughout the entire length of the pattern, very unlike LINEAR013 which is also a left-leaning pattern of lines. Once an image layer is selected and the Action is applied the generated pattern is asigned a series of layer effects which react to the contrast levels found in the source layer causing the lines in the pattern to adjust themselves by becoming thinner over lighter parts of the photo while disappearing completely over bright and white areas.  When the render is complete what remains is a vector graphic shape which can very easily be identified as being extracted from the source image.  The result is stored withint a Smart Object above the selected image layer and remains fully editable.  Our tutorial section has many posts on how to get more value out of the Stipplr Actions by combining them to create unique graphical compositions.

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Format: Adobe Shape CC and CS Smart Objects
Type: PSD, Stipplr, Actions
Description: Vector & Raster Trace Action pre-sets
Attribution: Photos
Output: Vector or Raster Adobe Smart Object
Filesize: 3.37 kB


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