Set Layer Error

Set Layer Error means the selected layer is not an image layer or is currently hidden. Continue reading this post to learn more about this error and how to avoid it in the future.


Stipplr can only process a single visible image layer at a time.  Please select a single visible image layer to process.

Why am I seeing this error?

Stipplr is attempting to run a Photoshop filter which is trying to modify the currently selected Layer.  However, something is preventing Photoshop from running the Action…

There are 2 known conditions which will independently cause Photoshop to fail trying to modify the current Layer:

  • The current highlighted layer is not a layer but rather a Group

Set Layer Error Condition Group Selected

  • The current highlighted image layer is hidden

Set Layer Error Condition Layer is Hidden

These errors are independent of each other. Stipplr will halt if one, or both, of the above conditions is true.


Stipplr was designed to process a single visible image layer at a time.

  • Ensure the highlighted layer is an image layer
  • Ensure the highlighted image layer is visible

Set Layer Error Condition Image Layer Selected

In the image above we see a single visible image layer selected.  The selected image layer can be nested within a Group if you wish.

Once a single image layer is selected you can try running the Stipplr Action again.


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