STENCIL003 produces 2 vector shape stencils from the YELLOW channel representing the currently selected image layer in Photoshop — by pulling a stencil from a specific channel it increases the likelyhood that a very desirable shape will be extracted. The 2 solid vector shapes, a stencil and a halftone pattern, are saved within their own Smart Objects which the designer can toggle on or off (both stencils are shown in the included samples).  The stencils have the YELLOW fill color from CMYK to let the designer know exactly which channel the stencil came from — fill colors can easily be switched to KEYLINE (or black).  Designers may also experiment with compositing the results from this Stipplr Action with others to create additional stencil shapes not directly obtained from running a single Action. To learn more about Stipplr Actions, or how to get started with creating popular forms of art, please consider browsing through the tutorial section on this site.

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Format: Adobe Shape CC and CS Smart Objects
Type: PSD, Stipplr, Actions
Description: Vector & Raster Trace Action pre-sets
Attribution: Photos
Output: Vector or Raster Adobe Smart Object
Filesize: 3.35 kB


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