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Stipplr Farm Truck Covered in Snow on Dirt Road in Forest


HALFTONE012 is a repeating halftone pattern texture made of large dots which follow along a 45 degree diagonal covering the entire document. This Stipplr Action is similar to HALFTONE007 which has a smaller repeating pattern.  This Action works by cloning the currently selected...

Stipplr Bent Wheel Tricycle Bolted to Porch Post


HALFTONE007 is a medium sized tinted halftone texture which repeats along a 45 degree diagonal. Other than sporting increased spacing and dots the pattern is the same as HALFTONE002 which has a smaller overall pattern. Stipplr applies the halftone...

Stipplr Stone Monastery Hallway Architecture


HALFTONE002 is a series of halftone dots repeating on a 45 degree diagonal.  This pattern of halftone dots is often used to simulate a continuous tinted tone.  Similar to HALFTONE001, this pattern is slightly bolder even though the dots...