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Stipplr Beef Looks Like Cow


HALFTONE015 generates a large set of halftone dots which repeat across the current Photoshop document. The effect is a very exaggerated pattern of large dots that make the currently selected photo in the Layers...

Stipplr Vatican St Paul Statue


HALFTONE010 generates a repeating halftone pattern of medium proportions along a 45 degree diagonal. This Stipplr Action is modelled after HALFTONE005 which has a much smaller dot pattern. Once generated this pattern will react to contrast changes in the source photo...

Stipplr Analog Clock On Nightstand


HALFTONE005 is a halftone texture with variable size dots which are repeated on a 45 degree diagonal. While still sharing the same distance and number of dots as HALFTONE004, this pattern is a much thicker version....