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Stipplr The Crow Cosplay Makeup Teeth Grin


HALFTONE013 is a continuous tinted halftone covering the entire Photoshop document at a 45 degree diagonal, the effect is similar to HALFTONE008 except the dots are much bolder.  Once applied to the selected photo the results are stored within a...

Stipplr Office Worker With Donut And Tie


HALFTONE008 applies a medium sized repeating halftone dot pattern across the entire canvas along a 45 degree diagonal. It is a larger, and bolder pattern than its smaller version found in HALFTONE003. Stipplr Actions require that only...

Stipplr Old Model Fiat Car


HALFTONE003 consists of a repeating series of variably sized dots following a 45 degree diagonal.  This tinted halftone pattern texture is ideal for simulating the texture seen in old newspapers or printed comic books.  As a bolder...