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Stipplr Old Model Fiat Car


HALFTONE011 applies a large repeating halftone pattern along a 45 degree diagonal across the entire Photoshop document canvas. This Stipplr Action is similar to HALFTONE006 which is made of smaller dots so the final result looks like an extremely exagerated...

Stipplr Woman On Bench Waiting


HALFTONE006 is a medium sized halftone pattern texture running along a 45 degree diagonal. This halftone tint is very similar to HALFTONE001 except that the dots, as well as the spacing between the dots,...

Stipplr Man Riding Bicycle With Wheel Satchels


HALFTONE001 is a fine halftone pattern texture of dots repeating along 45 degree diagonals commonly used to simulate a continuous mechanical tone.  Also referred to as a screentone, these halftone dots are ideal for...