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Stipplr Line Pattern Man Staring Out Mezzanine Window


HALFTONE014 generates a halftone pattern texture using a repeating sequence of large dots. The pattern covers the entire document area but is not a continuous tone because of applied layer effects which allow the...

Stipplr Analog Clock On Nightstand


HALFTONE009 renders a medium sized screentone dot pattern across the entire Photoshop document along a 45 degree diagonal. This is a bigger, and heavier pattern than the smaller HALFTONE004 from which it is derived. This Stipplr Action creates a graphical...

Stipplr 1964 John F. Kennedy US Half Dollar Coin


HALFTONE004 is a texture of repeating halftone dots following along a 45 degree diagonal.  This screentone pattern performs very well as a reproduction technique to simulate an old newspaper or comic book look.  Although a much heavier version...