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Stipplr Distressed Photocopy Texture Analog Clock


PHOTOCOPY014 is a distressed vector photocopy texture which is applied to the currently selected photo in Photoshop. The effect applies a visible amount of vertical streaks and minor ink blotting typically caused by toner...

Stipplr Vector Photocopy Texture Office Worker With Donut


PHOTOCOPY008 applies a range of layer effects and custom filter galleries which simulate a vector photocopy pattern incorporated into a copy of your photo.  The high contrast results with vertical streaks and ink blotting...

Stipplr Bad Photocopy Texture Woman in Laundry Machine


PHOTOCOPY002 applies a bad photocopy toner texture to the currently highlighted photo in Photoshop.  The final photocopy result looks as if there was a toner failure and the contrast levels were set to maximum, streaks...