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Stipplr Distressed Photocopy Texture Countryside Rails


PHOTOCOPY015 applies a strong bad photocopy texture with streaks and mild ink blotting to the currently selected photo layer in Photoshop.  The results are similar to a photocopier paper jam where the paper is...

Stipplr Vector Photocopy Texture Guy Riding Bike


PHOTOCOPY009 applies a bad vector photocopy texture throughout the canvas and selected source photo.  The combined results look like the toner and drum had a hard time passing the paper through casuing massive ink blotting...

Stipplr Bad Photocopy Texture Mona Lisa Smile


PHOTOCOPY003 renders a bad photocopy texture to the currently selected image layer in Photoshop.  This simulated photocopier drum failure makes the result look as if the contrast levels were set on full blast with massive...