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Stipplr Distressed Photocopy Texture Excited Pitbull


PHOTOCOPY013 applies a light distressed photocopy texture to the selected photo in Photoshop.  The effect is not unlike a photocopy paper jam where the paper is jamed between the rollers and the drum with...

Stipplr Vector Photocopy Texture Mount Rushmore


PHOTOCOPY007 is a graphical representation of a complete drum and toner failure of a photocopy machine applied to your selected source photo. This Stipplr Action applies vertical streaks and ink blotting throughout the source...

Stipplr Bad Photocopy Texture Analog Clock


PHOTOCOPY001 is a bad photocopy texture which is applied to the selected layer in Photoshop. The effect simulates a photocopier toner failure where the contrast settings are all maxed out, images and photos becomes intensely...