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Stipplr Distressed Photocopy Texture Favorite Typewriter


PHOTOCOPY018 applies a high resolution distressed photocopy texture onto a copy of the currently selected layer in Photoshop.  Mid-tone and dark regions are set to black shapes while the rest is made transparent (seen...

Stipplr Vector Photocopy Texture Unimpressed Guy with Moose Buckle


PHOTOCOPY012 is the darkest vector bad photocopy texture in the collection.  This Stipplr Action applies the maximum amount of vertical streaking and ink blotting possible to your photo while still retaining recognizable shapes and...

Stipplr Bad Photocopy Texture Charlie Chaplin


PHOTOCOPY006 duplicates the selected photo layer in Photoshop and applies a bad photocopy texture to it through the application of custom layer effects and filter galleries. Together these effects work together to simulate a very distressed...