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Stipplr Distressed Photocopy Texture Church Hallway


PHOTOCOPY016 renders a distressed photocopy texture to the currently selected photo layer in Photoshop. This Stipplr Action renders vertical streaks all over the canvas area, streaks are most notable in the white portions of the...

Stipplr Vector Photocopy Texture Mount Rushmore


PHOTOCOPY010 is a Photoshop Action which clones the currently selected photo as assigns a series of custom layer effects and filter galleries which work together to apply a bad vector photocopy texture with high...

Stipplr Bad Photocopy Texture Fiat Car


PHOTOCOPY004 simulates a really bad photocopy texture of the selected image layer in Photoshop.  Several custom layer effect and filter galleries are applied to a copy of your photo making it look as if it...