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Stipplr Photoshop Pixel Vexel Art Smiling Girl With Long Brown Hair


VEXEL003 helps to quickly generate the base color layer in a pixel vexel art illustration by flattening out the colour palette of the selected source layer in Photoshop into contour-like shapes — a result very...

Stipplr Photoshop Pixel Vexel Art Steel Cable Bridge


VEXEL002 creates the base color layer for what will be an eventual vexel pixel art project by the designer — with the vexel style base compete, it is recommended that additonal results from running Stipplr INKER or STROKE effects be used to...

Stipplr Photoshop Pixel Vexel Art Man Eating Donut


VEXEL001 generates the base layer of a yet to be completed vexel artwork — while VEXEL results can sometimes look complete initially, this Stipplr Action is only one step in a multi-stage process towards...