VEXEL006 applies a contour shape vexel art style effect to the currently selected image layer in Photoshop.  The results could be presented on their own as a completed work but they would have a more distinictive vexel art appearance with an overlay of crisp black lines tracing out the shapes of the subject matter in the illustration. The additional of vector linework can be applied by running any Action from the Stipplr INKER or STROKE series and compositing the results above the vexel output — the combination tends to make your shapes pop out more and further enhances the illusion that an actual vexel portrait illustration has been generated (vexel art tends to place each shape on an indivual layer within Photoshop, the VEXEL006 Action simply creates the base color with vexel styled contour shapes). Stipplr Actions are made to be compositied with other Stipplr Actions and not be used as a final result with a single application.  Please consider browsing through the tutorial section on this site for multiple examples on various art styles and how to quickly maximize the results for your own project.

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    Format: Adobe Shape CC and CS Smart Objects
    Type: PSD, Stipplr, Actions
    Description: Vector & Raster Trace Action pre-sets
    Attribution: Photos
    Output: Vector or Raster Adobe Smart Object
    Filesize: 3.15 kB


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